EZ Citation Wizard Dev updates (9/5/11) 9/13/11

Technical Developments
EZ Citation Wizard Update Beta Version 1.02.9 is now ready for down load Download Now
You can view current additions in progress on the Tech Dev Page.

Newest Updates: (9/13/11)
  • skins setting added
  • misc. bugs fixed
  • cut and paste option (one click)
Note: **Mac compatibility in development**

Academic Developments
We are continually working with and being advised by educators and instructional designers across the US. You can view the current developments to satisfy students academic needs, aswell as the research paper  written citing  EZ Citation Wizard. On the Academic Dev Page.

SquareMation Apps is happy to launch the BETA version of Citation Wizard. 9/1/11

EZ Citation Wizard (beta) was created to help new and continuing education student quickly access APA  citation information in a fast lite application. The need for students to use the APA format is increasing and is well known at the "MBA" level. EZ Citation Wizard is meant to be a simple light and effective way to access APA format information quickly.

EZ Citation Wizard is also the subject of a AIU Master's level research study. Updates and links to the study will be posted on this blog soon.