Technical Dev

EZ Citation Wizard Dev updates (9/5/11) 9/13/11

EZ Citation Wizard Update Beta Version 1.02.9  Download Now

Newest Update: (9/13/11)

  • skins setting added
  • misc. bugs fixed
  • cut and paste option (one click)

Updates In Progress

Currently under development for next release: (list updated as of 9/10/11)
UI (user interface):

  • Mac compatible
  • web interface
  • cut and past options
Data inclusions:(list updated as of 9/9/11)

  • MLA examples
  • Webster's citation example
  • NASA Report example
Future addition (no release date set)(list updated as of 9/7/11)

  • Server
  • Auto web update Database
  • Word intagration

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