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The EZ Citation Wizard Project

So how in the world did we come up this cool the idea for EZ Citation Wizard? They say necessity is the mother of invention. I was doing poorly in my master’s degree program, almost failing each unit by mid- point. I contacted Anthony Norman a Computer Engineering student at Grantham University. We developed an application to assist students like myself with my citations. I decided to write a paper about my with APA standards and source citation. Here’s an excerpt from the original text:

“After analyzing the needs of the student through front-end analysis, a learning gap was identified. The student contacted a computer program designer to construct an intervention to assist the student in understanding and thus mastering citation and APA format without taking away from the learning experience of instructional design. In a BETA software format for testing, Anthony Norman has designed a program called EZ Citation Wizard for SquareMationApps to assist the student as well as other students and organizations in preparing for the use of APA standards in K-12 and higher learning environments. Please go to citationwizard.blogspot.com. EZ Citation Wizard is designed for students to reach their personal learning and performance goals. Focus on the initial student need (instead of the overall organizational need) has significant benefits to the stakeholders in terms of overall grade increases during assessments and actual transferrable knowledge during demonstration of student mastery. The student can focus on learning the education and not learning APA. EZ Citation Wizard can potentially save enormous amounts of resources in terms of additional learning program designs that may be necessary to remove the performance gap(s) currently associated with APA grading requirements."

To view the original research paper,  "APA Standards: a Question of Ethics" Click HereWe welcome the comments and suggestions from students, teachers, instructors and educators. EZ Citation Wizard was created with a vision of helping our education system meet the needs of our students, so they in turn can meet the needs of the world we live in.

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